White Elephant Again? Games Ideas For Christmas Gift Exchanges

Each year millions of individuals spend countless hours sliding along icy roadways, braving the frigid winter wind, battling their way through crowds of frantic shoppers, sorting through jumbled product shelves, waiting in long checkout lines and dealing with frustrated cashiers in order to buy the perfect Christmas gift for each person on their holiday shopping list. Oh, but it’s not over yet.

White Elephant Again? Games Ideas For Christmas Gift Exchanges

They go back out into the cold, travel home through the blowing snow, spend even more time making sure each gift is wrapped perfectly and arranged neatly under the tree in preparation for their Christmas celebration. And then it happens. Friends and family arrive, the gifts are quickly passed out, and before they know what hit them, they are surrounded by mountains of wrinkled wrapping paper and bows, and the gift giving is over.

If you are tired of the same old gift giving traditions that seem to be impersonal and over in no time at all and you would like to bring some fun and exciting memories to your Christmas gift exchange, look no further. Here are some wonderful strategies for making your gift giving experiences more memorable.

Fun for Friends and Family:

• Add an abundance of laughs to your gift giving celebration when you introduce a gag gift to your group. Purchase the most hideous gift you can think of, wrap it up and cast it upon an unsuspecting friend or family member who must keep it until next Christmas, when they select the next victim.

• Tangle things up this Christmas with an old game that was popular during the Victorian Era. Choose various colors of yarn and attach them to each recipient’s gift. Now walk around the room stringing the yarn underneath tables and chairs and other furnishings and looping it around bannisters and other strings of yarn until you’ve created a tangled mess. Now each recipient must untangle their yarn, following it to the end where they reach their present.

Wonderful Ideas for Your Company Party:

• Get everyone in the spirit at your company party with “Musical Gifts”. Members sit in a circle holding the gift they purchased. When the music starts, players pass the gifts to the left. Whatever gift the player has when the music stops is the gift they receive.

• Hold a Yankee Swap for your gift giving celebration. Have employees select off the wall gifts and bring them (wrapped) to the office. Draw numbers to decide who goes first, and that person selects the gift of their choice from the pile. The next person has the chance to select a new gift, or “steal” the first person’s gift. If a player’s gift is stolen, he has the option of selecting a new gift or “stealing” someone else’s gift. The game continues until everyone has a gift.

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