Best Gifts for Valentine’s Days

Finding the ‘best’ gifts for Valentine’s Days can be quite challenging because ‘the best’ is such a slippery phase. After all, what may be ‘best’ for you might not be so awesome to another person. We are all different. We all have different expectations and experiences. We have different outlooks.

Due to its subjective nature, it is very easy to fall to the temptation of defining ‘best’ based on your personal tastes and ideas. In other words, the ‘best’ gift becomes a celebration of what you think is important. It is too easy to get selfish. Thankfully, the ‘secret’ to defining the ‘best’ Valentine’s gifts isn’t very mysterious.

The secret to identifying the best Valentine’s gift is to focus on your relationship with your significant other. Your gift isn’t focused on her/him or you but instead focuses on ‘we.’ Instead of celebrating how much the other person makes you feel, your gift focuses on your relationship and the bond you have. The best Valentine’s Day gifts focus on your relationship-that living, breathing being whose sum is greater than its parts. Here are some relationship-based ideas you can use in identifying the best V-Day gifts.

Gifts based on special trips you’ve taken in the past

If you want to build life-long bonds between strangers, set up situations where they experience something together. This is the basic formula used by the military, fraternities, sororities, and corporate leadership training consultants to forge bonds between people. Similarly, trips you’ve taken with your loved one in the past may have deepened your emotional bonds. For Valentine’s Day, pick a gift that clearly reminds your loved one of that special moment in time on that very special trip you took that deepened your love for each other. This gift’s power is in its emotional resonance not its price or obvious use value.

Gifts based on special memories

Even if you don’t take a memorable trip with your loved one, you might have experienced something together in the past that took your relationship to a whole new other level. As long as both of you are clear as to the emotional meaning and significance of that particular event or memory, a gift that clearly commemorates that special situations will be particularly welcomed by your partner. Again, you are celebrating your relationship. Expensive gifts focus too often revolves around the price you paid for the gift. The fact is, money comes and money goes. However, emotionally valuable gifts that celebrate your relationship offer a value that money can’t even come close to matching.

Gifts based on inside jokes

The more time you spend with your loved one, the more you know that person. The more intimate you become to each other. You end up completing each other’s sentences. You end up thinking each other’s thoughts. You end up being each other’s oxygen. You end up with memories of very funny inside jokes that are only funny to you two. Celebrate that deep level of intimacy-the ‘soul bond’-you have with each other with a gift that captures the inside joke. Again, it isn’t the price of the gift that gives its value. Instead, it is your communication that you cherish your special bond-as represented by your inside joke-that is most valuable.

Truly meaningful Valentine’s Day gifts have nothing to do with price tags. They have everything to do with the value of the electricity and deep emotional bond you create together as a couple. Keep the tips above in mind if you want to celebrate your relationship on V-Day instead of giving the same-old flowers and chocolates.

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