Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Family Members

Grocery Delivery Services

Avoid the exhaustion of weekly grocery trips with a gift card or subscription to one of many food delivery services across the country. A quick Internet search will provide hundreds of regional or nationwide services that your senior can order from online or over the phone. Many services provide automated weekly or monthly deliveries, so their fridge will always be stocked without any hassle.

Satellite Radio

Holiday Gift Ideas for Senior Family Members

A subscription to satellite radio will provide hours of entertainment for your loved one. The large variety of channels, including talk shows, and music from the decade of their choice, allow your loved ones to find their new favorite radio station to keep them occupied while traveling or relaxing at home.

Scrapbooking Kits

Help your senior relive their favorite holidays or vacations with a scrapbooking kit. Scrapbooking is not only a fun hobby, but also a great way to keep the mind and hands busy. Memory journals, made specifically for elderly scrapbookers, include pages with questions and fill-in-the-blank spaces to jog your senior’s memory and organize their first scrapbook.

“Coupons” for Family Visits

Give the gift of whatever your senior would like! Create “coupon books” with coupons for a night out at their favorite restaurant, services (lawn mowing, vacuuming, etc.), or a blank space for them to get creative. Tell your loved ones that the coupons are redeemable all year, so they are free to use them whenever they would like some extra company or a job done around the house.

Matching stationary (and stamps!)

Not able to visit your loved ones often? Buy two sets of stationary – one for them and one for yourself. Taking the time to send hand-written notes to your loved ones will keep them busy and always updated on your family’s big news!

Family Calendars

Create a calendar that’s personalized to your family. Personalizing a calendar online will allow you to include pictures of the family for each month, birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasions as an organized reminder of every special day in your senior’s year.

The best gift you can give to any loved one is time and attention. Take the time this holiday season to make a visit with your senior special: bring recently taken pictures of your family, let them show off their hobbies, or take the time to ask them about what’s happening on their favorite shows. The most memorable presents usually don’t come attached with a price tag.

Joseph Smith has been working in the Homecare industry for over 3 years. His focus is on assisting the seniors who are alone and need companionship. He hopes to provide support and some tips for caregivers and families of loved ones residing in Dayton.

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