Ideas For Valentine’s Day Gifts

So, you are looking for unique ideas for Valentine’s Day. Well the world is your oyster as they say. Of course finances do play a part in your planning, but it doesn’t have to break the bank whether you are doing something grand or small.

Ideas For Valentine's Day Gifts

I believe the best Valentines gifts are from the heart and when you know someone. The intimacy of the relationship gives an advantage of you knowing the person and what they like. Most people fall prey to societal expectations for roses, chocolates and possibly an expensive dinner. If this is truly what your partner desires then you only need call for the flowers, make reservations and pick up the sweet treats. If you are yearning for a few ideas of the beaten path keep reading.

First, we will state our disclaimer. We are not responsible for the outcome of any of these ideas if they are not well received. Our little joke before you forge ahead. If you want something different from the status quo we have a couple ideas you can try that are gender neutral.

Our favorite thing idea requires some thought. As mentioned previously, knowing someone on an intimate level, which doesn’t necessarily mean sexual, actually gives you insight into the person. Ask yourself what do they like? Spend their time doing? Makes them smile? Take a few of these things and combine them into a package and wrap it up, if possible, in a fun or romantic way.

An example would a tea or coffee lover. Give them a nice mug, their favorite tea and possibly a single serve teapot, with some biscotti. All of these items would be appreciated by a tea drinker, but also demonstrates you notice what they like. Another great example would be for a cigar smoker. Purchase their favorite, give a certificate to buy more and throw in a cigar rolling class certificate. Again, wrap in a unique way and watch the smile emerge as they open a gift you know they will enjoy. It is all up to you and your creativity and how well you know the individual to use this idea.

Playtime is our next idea. For couples that like to do things together sign up for a class you are both interested in, but keep putting off, like taking tango lessons, or skydiving. Present the certificate over dinner, lunch or breakfast in a theme related manner. If you want to revel in romance the day of, cook dinner together with a selection of your favorite foods, or order them in and eat by the fire.

As this is article is G rated, we want you to use your imagination with regard to what you are wearing while cooking (wink wink). We also want to add you can set the table like you are in a restaurant down to using linens and candles or create a lovely picnic on the floor with lots of blankets and pillows to eat dessert. Again, use your imagination for playtime.

Valentine’s Day should not be frustrating it should be fun. These ideas should take some of the angst out of it and make you appreciate your partner and demonstrate you care. At a minimum your creative juices should be flowing and you will come up with or use one of these unique ideas. Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.

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