Practical Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a romantic day for lovers. But it’s not only for those with partners. The day of love also allows you to show your appreciation for your loved ones like your parents or close friends. Like any romantic at heart, I like receiving chocolates and flowers. However, when it comes to giving gifts, I like gifting practical ones that can be used. Here is a list of practical gift ideas that you can give to your family for Valentine’s Day.

Practical Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day


Buying gifts for your father can be a challenge. There was a time when I bought cheesy stuff like “world’s greatest dad” mug or picture frame. But sometimes, these things end up gathering dust in some forgotten little corner. I would suggest getting a tie for your dad if he is a businessman. Monogrammed cuff links also make an elegant gift. Does your dad like golf? Give him his very own set of golf clubs. Sure, they can be a bit pricey, but if you and your siblings chip in, your dad is really going to love your present.


If your mother is the type who likes to have tea, you can give her a dainty tea set complete with a pack of her favorite tea. If she’s a homemaker, you can’t go wrong with appliances like an intelligent vacuum cleaner. If she likes cooking or baking, a new cookbook would be the perfect way for her to show off her kitchen prowess. New clothes will give her a great excuse to dress up on a romantic dinner on Valentine’s night with your dad.


As much as I like computer games, I don’t think they would make be very practical gifts for a brother who is an intense gamer. For one thing, it will keep him rooted in front of the television or computer for hours on end that you have to practically tear him away from his game. All those hours of sitting doesn’t make for a healthy lifestyle. Get your brother a basketball or something that will inspire him to exercise. If he has an Xbox, get him a Kinect bundled with games that will make him move his body. The best thing about this gift is that the whole family can participate when you all dance to the music of dance central.


Sisters can be the bane of your existence. But after you get over the petty sibling rivalries, they are your best friends for life. Is your sister on her way to a new internship? Get her chic yet smart looking outfit as a way of showing your support. You can also offer her a new makeup kit or a purse that she can use for her job. If your sister is a writer, get her a nice journal. Writers always like go back to the basics and write using a pen and paper, regardless if there’s a laptop around. If she’s studying film or screenwriting, you can buy her those helpful “how-to” books that will help her accomplish her writing dreams.

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