Unique Valentine Day’s Gift Ideas

Not everybody is a great and big fan of Valentine’s Day.Yet it is one day of the year, when people would love to choose gifts for their near and dear ones, especially to the ones who are very are close to their heart.

I personally believe that these gifts need not have to be lavish or expensive. The most memorable gifts will be those which come from the heart. Here are a few gift idea suggestions that you can use.

Valentine Gift for your Lady

It is not necessary that you have to always present diamond jewelry to your lady love, even a bunch of flowers or a personalized card would be more than enough to make her fall in love with you over again.

You can simply re-decorate an old shoe box and fill it chocolates and candies, a gift coupon for spa, bath salts, lotions and creams. You can also add a few candles and dried flowers.

It is not necessary that you have to go out for dinner or book tickets for a romantic movie. Instead, you can pick up a bottle of wine/champagne, a fruit basket and some good food an Asian joint. Place them on the coffee table, watch a classical romantic movie on your DVD player and snuggle together on the couch with a blanket.

Another personalized gift that you can give is a personalized service tray with a good picture of you both. This along with a bunch of flowers would be a wonderful gift that you would always cherish.

You can also give coupons for spa and beauty treatment if you are not able to find an appropriate gift.

Unique Gift Ideas for your Gentleman

It is very difficult to find a gift for a man for Valentine’s Day because most of the gifts are girlish and pink in color. If he is a lover of music you can gift the last music album of his favorite singer/musician.

A pack of handkerchiefs with his initials embroidered is also a good gift. With that you can also add his favorite deodorant or aftershave. This along with a loving message is a wonderful personalized gift.

If you are good at baking, bake his favorite cookies. Put this in a beautiful cookie jar and gift wrap it.

If you are in a serious about your relationship, ‘A Gift of Togetherness’ is also a valentine day gift idea. You and your partner can get away from the hustle and bustle of the everyday life. It will be a good opportunity to understand each others hobby interest and other likes and dislikes.

Last but not the least you can cook a delicious and sumptuous dinner for him. Bring out your best crockery and cutleries. A bottle of best wine, soft romantic music and candle light will do the trick.

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