Four Hardware Store Gifts for the Handyman

When it comes to gifts for the handyman in the family, it can be difficult to find something that they want or need. Fortunately, a visit to the local hardware store is often all that is needed to find some inspiration for gift giving. The following are some gift ideas to consider when shopping for the handyman in your life:


Four Hardware Store Gifts for the Handyman

One great present for the handyman is a quality multi-tool that includes a variety of tools in one simple configuration. There are a variety of multi-tools on the market that include anything from a few basic screwdrivers and pliers to wire cutters, scissors, knives, files, bit drivers, and more. They provide almost every instrument that a person who enjoys fixing things could possibly need, making it an ideal present. They range in price, from an affordable twenty dollars to hundreds of dollars. Consider investing in a quality multi-tool, as they can last for decades when cared for properly.

LED Work Light

Four Hardware Store Gifts for the Handyman

A quality work light is another useful gift idea. Many times, work takes place after dark, and regular halogen bulbs do not always provide adequate lighting. Additionally, halogen bulbs can be a burn hazard when adjusted by hand. A portable LED work light is a solution to this problem. They are cool to the touch and will not overheat a workspace. A quick trip to the hardware store can easily provide different sizes and prices of LED work lights for you to choose.

Rolling Creeper Seat

Four Hardware Store Gifts for the Handyman

Nothing is more uncomfortable than an aching back and legs after a long day of work. A rolling creeper seat, a simple seat with space underneath for tools and other items, easily prevents achy backs. Some models have a pneumatic lift and contoured seats for comfort. This will be a much-appreciated gift for anyone who works on cars, as it saves hours of time bending and squatting to work.

Portable Mini Vise

Four Hardware Store Gifts for the Handyman

A mini vise can attach to any type of workbench, including makeshift benches that are often constructed while on a worksite. Mini vises are small, light, and easily transported in a toolbox. They are ideal for holding spade bits for sharpening or clamping onto broken bolts that need to be removed or cut. A mini vise is a very useful piece of equipment that makes a great present.

While many people may find it difficult to find gifts for the handyman in their lives, there is no need to look any further than the local hardware store. There are a variety of options to choose from that are very useful and will be much appreciated by the recipient. If possible, peruse his workshop to see what he currently has in order to determine what would be most useful as a gift.

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