5 Tips for Buying Wedding Gifts

Anyone invited to a wedding will inevitably be faced with the prospect of finding the perfect gift for the couple. While it is usually best to buy from the list of gifts on the registry, it is still possible to go rogue if you want to purchase the more unique or memorable gift. Here are several tips to help buy the perfect wedding gift:

5 Tips for Buying Wedding Gifts

Use the wedding registry

If the bride and groom have put together a wedding registry you can start to get ideas from there. The registry is a complete list of what the happy couple would like for their special day. Even though it might seem less thoughtful to just choose an item from a list, the couple is likely to appreciate the gift more because it is something that they specifically requested.

Shopping off-registry

In some situations it isn’t always possible to shop from the list of gifts on the wedding registry. This is usually the case for those guests that are last to purchase a gift or unable to afford the more expensive items. Should this happen, it is possible to select an alternative gift similar to others on the list or even give a cash gift which most couples are certain to appreciate.

When to buy the wedding gift

The preferred time to ship the gift to the couple is usually within two weeks of the special day. But if you don’t have the time to buy a gift before the wedding, try to do so as soon as possible after the event. If you leave it too long you will likely end up forgetting or procrastinating and not bothering in the end.

There is also the option to take the gift to the wedding where a gift table is made available for guest to leave cards, boxed gifts, or cash gifts. Also, to avoid the risk of a cash-stuffed envelope getting lost or stolen it may benefit to replace cash with a check if planning to present at the wedding venue.

Knowing what to spend

The amount spent on a wedding gift is usually appropriate to your relationship with the happy couple. In most cases the lowest amount is in the region of $50 which is appropriate for a distant family member or coworker. But for the close friends or relatives the gift price can increase to $150 or more.

Giving group gifts

Some of the best gifts to give include the big-ticket items that are purchased by several friends or family members. Because the luxurious items might be too expensive for a couple to purchase themselves, they are likely to be among their favorite gifts.

Whether it is a traditional or unique gift like the wedding dress hangers that are customized with any name there are many great choices to delight the happy couple.

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