Easter Gifts – The Easter Bunny Doesn’t Have Much to Do With Them

Easter is slowly turning into another holiday that kids demand lots of gifts on. It’s hardly about eggs, bunnies and chickens any more. Parents are still determined to keep some aspect of the holiday alive and not everyone wants to go for a materialistic gift. Here are some simple gift ideas for Easter.

Easter Gifts - The Easter Bunny Doesn't Have Much to Do With Them

Gift baskets

Unlike the typical Easter gift baskets filled with eggs or chocolate, you can get gift baskets in different themes. These gift baskets can have a bit of everything from a traditional gift item to a contemporary gift like a keychain. Decide what you want to do, it’s best to get Easter gift baskets and include the one or two not-so-Easter gifts separately

Bunny themed gifts

Bunny themed gifts are extremely popular, and if your children are ten years old or younger, they’ll like these gifts. For gifts for kids who are older, you might try and find the gift they really want in an Easter theme. It’s always a good idea to make sure the gifts are somehow related to Easter, even if there’s just a bunny or eggs on them. The point would be that kids associate them as gifts for Easter and not just gifts. You need to exercise some caution in this yourself because your kids will try and get you to buy them something that’s completely unrelated to Easter by telling you ‘it has a BUNNY on it!”


One gift that kids will never say no to is food. They might not be interested in eggs as much but a nice crafty gift like Easter fruit baskets or fruit bouquets can seriously tempt kids. Fresh fruit bouquets are made of fruit cut in different shapes including pineapple bunnies and the fruit can be dipped in chocolate. They make a good gift and can also be a great centerpiece for Easter lunch or an Easter party. Be sure to include some candy but don’t base the entire day’s menu on candy because a sugar high like that will ensure the kids are bouncing off the walls for at least a week.


This is something that kids will try and pull over their parents, the latest gadget or hardware update for their computer only with a bunny or several chicks on it. If you have the budget for it, get your children one gift that they really want but have little or nothing to do with the holiday.

Easter gift baskets and Easter fruit baskets are a timeless Easter gift for kids. Easter fruit bouquets are suitable gifts for kids, great centerpieces for tables.

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