Handy Lighting Gift Ideas

There are many types of lights and lighting that can be useful for many applications. Lights also make great gifts. Lights are an essential part of every day life. Without lights to brighten up the nighttime, where would we be? Here are some great ideas for useful and handy lighting to give friends and family for any occasion.

Handy Lighting Gift Ideas

LED Flashlights

First and foremost, flashlights make a great gift for just about any age. Nowadays, you can buy flashlights that are tiny but produce an enormous amount of light for their size. For kids, flashlights are a fun gift. We all remember those nights when we’d be reading a book under the covers, and of course, we’d be using a flashlight to be able to read the words on the page.

You can buy special book lights that attach very easily to the top of a book and shines the light precisely down the page. These book lights make great gifts for young and old and everyone in between. Really, just about anyone who reads could use a book light. For kids, you can buy small lights which fit in your pocket.

They also come in many colors. These small lights are wonderful gifts for anyone, of any age. Women can carry these small lights in their purse to use for every day tasks or emergencies. They also make wonderful stocking stuffers.

Emergency Lights

There are also hand powered flashlights available which allow you to power the flashlight for a few minutes by cranking a hand crank located on the device. These eliminate the need for batteries and are perfect to have around for emergencies.

There are also emergency devices you can buy that can be powered by batteries or solar power or hand cranking. These devices include a flashlight plus an emergency radio. Many also include a USB port so you can charge your cell phone or other device using the solar power or the hand crank.

Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights make great gift ideas for newlywed couples or for a housewarming party. Consider giving a set of solar powered path lights. These handy lights use LED’s and include a solar panel on the top of the light to catch the solar rays during the day and then automatically detect when its dark and turn themselves on. These handy lights are basically set and forget and increase the safety and security around your home.

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