Unique Ideas for Masonic Gifts

Giving Masonic gifts is not unusual, but is actually a standard practice done during special occasions. It is not just a sign of generosity. It is also symbolic of one’s appreciation for the people who believe in the same principles that one believes in, a rare find in this ever-changing world.

The same challenge, however, often plagues Masons year after year. What Masonic gifts would be most fitting?

Here are a few ideas for men’s Masonic gifts, as well as a few ladies’ Masonic gifts as well.

Unique Ideas for Masonic Gifts

Masonic Antiques

Although these often come in the form of jewellery, there are other Masonic antiques that one can send to another Mason as a gift. There are books and other heirlooms that older Masons may have used in the past. The idea here is passing on one’s legacy from one person to another. That legacy is something that makes the gift even more valuable.

Handmade and Personalized Products

There are different handmade men’s Masonic gifts that you can choose, most of them available online. Some involve woodwork or glass etching done on items that could serve as home decor. As for the others, they have more practical uses. You have jewellery boxes, Scotch glasses, and so much more, each of them carrying Masonic symbols.

Educational Items

True learning never ends when you uphold the principles of Freemasonry. Although new members are given a copy of the basics when they are initiated, true commitment to the craft would mean a deeper yearning for more. This is something that any Mason can support by giving his brothers books and other resources that would help them have a deeper understanding of the Brotherhood and its principles.

Charitable Work

Charity is one of the most treasured values of Freemasonry, a gift that one can actually bestow to another brother. Consider donating to one of the many Masonic causes and putting under the name of that brother you are hoping to show appreciation to. This does not just send the message across, but also reinforces the importance of helping others.

Traditional Masonic Regalia

If you would rather go for a traditional token, you can use any Masonic regalia as men’s Masonic gifts. From cufflinks to gloves, the choices are limitless. You can also browse through possible ladies’ Masonic gifts, from different pieces of jewellery to scarves that bear the most important Masonic symbols.

Truly, one cannot run out of ways to be generous to his brothers. Especially if the heart of being a true Mason is considered in the gift-giving process, the gift becomes more meaningful and has more depth. After all, nothing else can be worth celebrating than having common beliefs and principles – something that Masonic brothers share and enjoy.

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