Personalized Gift Ideas for Braille Readers

You’ve probably all heard of Braille before. It is a simple yet genius six-dot system for reading and writing by touch. It consists of raised dots representing different letters of the alphabet, numbers and special symbols. There is a braille code for every language including Chinese, Arabic and Hebrew. It is also used for writing music.

Personalized Gift Ideas for Braille Readers

Finding the right gift for someone who has lost their vision can seem like a real challenge. The blind and visually impaired community is isolated from many aspects of life the rest of us often take for granted. Thankfully, there are thousands of cleverly designed accessories and products who will not only make your friend happy, but will also unravel a brand new beautiful world around them.

We have pulled together a number of ideas for gifts that are available from most major retailers. Take a look and remember to focus on the sense of touch and sound.

Braille Books. There are hundreds of braille bookstores on the web, having broad selections of books available for all ages and interests. Just select your desired age and category, and you will find yourself in a world of best-selling authors and magical characters. Such books are for people who are learning to read Braille on their own. For all those who prefer to just sit back, listen to their favorite story and relax, there are dozens of volumes in audio books. Choose from autobiographies, classic tales, mysteries, adventure, even cookbooks and diaries.

Silicone Wristbands with Braille Font. A Braille novelty which also represents the individual’s creativity. First of all, these products are 100% customizable. Messages are embossed (raised) on the band and stand out to the touch. Visually impaired people can feel what their bracelet says gently gliding over the letters on the outside of the band. Such improvements to popular accessories allow your loved ones who are blind enjoy the same types of activities and emotions people with vision do.

Rubik’s Cube for the Blind. You will find the individual blocks of this challenging infernal puzzle specially improved with Braille inscriptions for the blind. You can also dress this classic toy in this brand new concept and make the gift yourself. All you need is a classic Rubik’s cube, strong adhesive, embossed tactile Braille stickers (or 3D printed tiles) and scissors. Simply glue the stickers over the colored ones and surprise your friend. The project is simple but the result is quite entertaining.

Braille Mobile Apps. Will you be surprised to find out that we’re living in a world full of apps that allow you to turn your device into a Braille writer? You will find hundreds of free versions online that provide help with and let you practice Unified English Braille. There are also apps for beginners with vision who want to learn the braille alphabet, including timed or untimed games of increasing difficulty to help you become a real pro in Braille. It’s a fun and easy way to learn and practice the Braille alphabet.

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