The Magical Personal Gift Option – Name a Star for Your Loved One

One of the most astonishing and amazing sights that we will see in our lifetime does not require expensive travel and does not require an entry fee to see. Millions of us will be able to see it all at once. Over a 24 hour period most of us will be able to see it all over the world. What is this unique free experience? It is of course, the night sky that is all above us, with all of its amazing array of lights and magical charm.

The Magical Personal Gift Option - Name a Star for Your Loved One

Astronomy, meaning ‘law of the stars’, is the study of celestial objects such as The Sun, Moon, and planets. It is one of the oldest forms of science and it is a science that the Greeks, Egyptians and Mayans all studied. Many people confuse Astronomy with Astrology, although they share a common beginning, they are completely different fields of study.

Amongst the millions of stars there are in the nights sky, only a minor percentage have been named, the more popular ones are The Plough, Big Dipper, Orions Belt and Pleiades; which is known to most as the seven sisters. Incredibly that still leaves millions and millions of magical beams of light that are still to be named.

If you are looking for an unusual and special gift for someone, or you have a person in your life that is a budding astronomer, an ideal gift will be to name a star in their honour. There are many companies which can easily be found with a quick online search. They offer various tiers of gift and the order can be completed online and sent direct to the recipient in a matter of a couple of days.

The level of gift on offer varies, the traditional gift is a collection of paperwork comprising of a certificate of registration which states the name, date of purchase and celestial coordinates, along with a coloured map and an e-book. The next level up offers the certification to be framed in a stylish A4 clip frame to proudly display on a bedroom or office wall.

To really add extra class to the gift why not buy the most popular form of gift pack and purchase the boxset gift option. Not only will the certificate be framed in a quality A4 clip frame, but you will also receive the gift in a stylish rigid stylish presentation gift box.

Boxset gift options are also available for the love of your life in the form of a valentines boxset. The recipient will receive documentation showing the name of their star and a few additional valentines gifts included in the box; such as a keychain, tasty chocolates and themed wrapping paper.

The top level of a name gift is a very special and unique way of showing your love. you the top level gift will include the boxset gift as well as beautifully presented documentation in the form of a lunar deed, the deed gives the recipient ownership of one acre of the moon.

How will you know it is yours? In amongst the gift you will receive a set of step by step instructions so that you can precisely find the position of the your brightly coloured night light or acre of the moon. There will also be a colour map of the night sky, showing the constellations and many stars that are visible.

Of course nobody can actually own a planet or the moon. The owner of the newly acquired celestial light will be happy they and their friends or family can look up to they sky and feel they own a part of natures beauty and they will also be content in the knowledge that some place up above them thousands and thousands of miles away there is a star with their name on looking down upon them.

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