The Perfect Gifts for Him

Finding the ideal gift for a boyfriend or husband may seem like a daunting task. On the one hand, a personal gift may seem like a great idea, but it can be a nightmare if the gift giver has no idea what to buy them. On the other hand, cliché gifts like a wallet or cologne have less personality, and may show that the giver had no idea what to buy them. These gifts give you the best of both, creating the perfect balance and guaranteeing that their eyes will light up as soon as they unwrap the present.

The Perfect Gifts for Him

Personalized T-Shirt

A t-shirt may seem like a cliché gift, but taking the time to personalize it will give it a nice touch. Boyfriends will love that their girlfriend took the time to give them a gift that they can use, and that shows that they know them on a deeper level. Whether it’s a funny saying or an inspirational quote, go with something that showcases their personality.

Custom screen printed shirts are no longer limited to a funny saying like “the man, the legend” with arrows pointing in both directions. Instead, any letter, a variety of colors and even images can be printed on shirts. Consumers that are interested in specially ordering screen printed shirts often have the option to design their own custom screen printed shirt, and can even upload their own image to be printed onto the shirt.

A New Zippo

A nice new zippo with a clever design is the key to any smoker’s heart. Individuals that do not smoke may still like to collect lighters, so bringing up the topic will give an idea as to whether or not this is a great gift idea. Zippos can be picked up a smoke shop relatively cheap, and then engraved with a personalized image that will make them smile from ear to ear. Custom Zippos can also be ordered online. These tend to cost more, but it may be worth it for people that are crunched for time.


Sometimes, men tend to want something they need. Every guy will love that a girl knows him well enough to pick out clothes that he will like, and they will appreciate receiving a gift that they need. Socks may be a bit basic, but a few nice new outfits or shirts will be the perfect gift.

For boyfriends that prefer to look different, a couple of custom shirts that coordinate perfectly with a new pair of jeans is the perfect gift idea when considering which clothes to buy. If creativity isn’t a strong suite, most screen print shops have albums full of ideas of images for shirts and pants.

Add to their collection

If a boyfriend or husband collects something, simply pick up a gift that will add to their collection. Whether it is a collection of bottle caps, lighters or model cars, they will appreciate a woman that takes an interest in their interests. Thanks to online shopping, it no longer matters what they collect, it can usually be ordered quickly and easily online, from comic books to personalized footballs.

Think about what the guy does all day. For example, if he enjoys visiting the bar down the street, a set of new beer mugs may be the perfect gift. A gamer will appreciate a custom screen printed shirt with his favorite game on it, or a new set of headphones. Any man that loves to hunt or spend time outside will love something camo. A camo shirt with a custom screen printed saying on it is a great idea, or a hoody for when weather gets colder.

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