10 Supreme and Chivalrous Gifting Ideas for a Memorable Dating Experience

When you are planning to give a gift to your dating partner, lady love or Mr Right, it can be a tricky situation. The gift should be good enough to convey your innermost sentiments. It’s unlike Valentine’s Day which is basically given to celebrate love.While gifting him/her something sweet is a nice gesture and at the same time satisfying too, but it’s often confusing what to gift him/her? Don’t worry, here is a list of 10 supreme and gracious gifting ideas for your first date.

10 Supreme and Chivalrous Gifting Ideas for a Memorable Dating Experience

Red Rose

Red rose is a universal and strong gift to present to your partner in a formal date. You can give her a bouquet or a single stem rose flower, the choice is entirely yours.

A bouquet of orchids, sunflowers or lilies would also be nice to greet her on the D day, if she is not particularly fond of roses.


Since time immemorial, chocolates have been considered as a lovely gift to cherish the sweet moments of life and are synonymous with gentlemanly gesture. Chocolates are also associated with good fortune which is crucial for any amorous relationship to take it into the next level.


There is no doubt about the fact that women freak on jewellery and are simply fond of them. You can gift her a simple ring or trinket made of gold or diamond that suits your budget or opt for grand items.


Books are always great gifts to present to someone special or close to heart. Gift him your favourite book, or one that you might read collectively and then chat about it. Books always brings smile on the receiver’s face and will remind him of you when he keeps it in his bookshelf.


If he/she is tech-savvy, then laptop is a perfect gift. Moreover, it has become the latest trend to give notebooks to a date. Never mind whether it will be for downloading songs, watching movies or playing video games. Choose a unique and classy modern gadget so that it remains special for the rest of the life.


A cookbook with some wonderful continental, Mughlai or Chinese recipes would be something very bold, innovative and audacious. If she is a complete novice or a newbie in the world of kitchen, then a cookbook is an ideal gift. Right from a dum biriyani to a pasta dish with chicken, she can learn everything with ease.


If you know that she is fond of listening music during chatting online, headphones are something you can consider. Don’t go for crappy headphones instead go for cool set of items that don’t suck and cancel noises too.

Tickets or passes to a movie, disco, live show, play, or sport event

All of them are aimed at providing pure entertainment. Movies, sport events, discos or concert tickets are pleasant gifts that you can consider giving on your date. So groove into the dance moves or applaud in the bleachers in the chilly weather while sipping down an expensive cocktail.

Playstation 2

If he is crazy about online games, a Playstation 2, will be just fine. A friendly game of contest will let both of you to have a wonderful entertaining time with each other.

Teddy Bear

You can never go wrong with stuffed toys and a teddy bear on your first date and you can see a nice giggle on her face expressing great delight.

The first impression is the last impression. So choose from the above dating gift ideas and make the impression unforgettable in your first appointment. Rock the world.

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