Gifting the Right Handbag for That Special Lady

With the holidays around the corner, or perhaps a birthday, Mother’s Day or other reason to give her a gift, many men will begin their hunt. It’s important for them to realize they simply cannot go wrong with the right handbag. Here are some tips for choosing the right brand, style and more so that she’ll be utterly delighted with her gift.

Gifting the Right Handbag for That Special Lady

Set a Budget

It’s good to know the price range of a good ladies’ handbag. This way, the shopper won’t get sticker shock when he sees how much they are. Expect the high end bags to range from as low as $20 (rejoice) to $1,000 and more (yikes). It’s important to set a budget before seeking out a bag so that the brand and quality can be determined. Remember though, one gets what they pay for and that is very true when it comes to ladies’ handbags.


The best ladies’ handbags are made with fine leathers from all over the world and even hand-stitched to perfection. Relate them to a bespoke men’s suit, the craftsmanship is what sets them apart from the rest. Classy grommets and the type of calfskin all play into the details of what makes a bag exclusive or not. Those that are not mass marketed are the most coveted.

Here is a breakdown of popular brands and the typical pricing one can expect:


• Joe Fresh Style


• Roots Canada

• Juicy Couture

• Jeanne Lottie


• Coach

• Marc Jacobs

• Cole Haan

• Michael Kors

• Tory Burch


• Balenciaga

• Valentino

• Tod’s

• Lanvin

• Hermès

As anyone can see, there are several ladies’ handbags in the market. They all vary in terms of functionality and construction. While two of these bags may seem similar when gazing upon them, each is different when it comes to purpose.

It’s smart for the shopper to take into consideration what kind of woman he or she is shopping for. What is her lifestyle like? Where does she go on a daily basis? Is she outdoorsy? Does she spend a lot of time in an office? There are so many handbag styles available and they come in a variety of shapes. Here are the basic types so that when one hits up the stores he or she will know what to ask for.

TOTE: The tote is a casual bag with straps or handles. The top is completely open but may have a latch or closure in the middle.

HOBO BAG: The Hobo bag is typically a crescent-shaped shoulder bag. It doesn’t have much structure at all.

DUFFLE: The duffle is a tall shoulder bag. It usually features a wider opening on top.

CLUTCH: A clutch is a small, handheld bag that goes well with evening wear.

SATCHEL: A large, handheld bag.

BAGUETTE: A bag that looks a lot like the bread; long and rounded.

MESSENGER: A large, soft shoulder bag with long straps (often worn across the body).

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