Looking for a Porcelain Gift

Porcelain is considered among the finest material in the world. It is a translucent but strong material that acquires its vitreous aspect when the glaze is baked at very high temperatures. It originated in Italy, where the tradition comes from. Porcelain figurines are highly prized collectibles and as such, a porcelain gift will always be deeply appreciated.

Looking for a Porcelain Gift

Lladró Porcelains. Among the most exquisite porcelain figurines that are created today, the Lladró High Porcelain collection is unsurpassed. Each piece resumes the technical quality and expressiveness of the Lladró creations. High porcelain figures made in the City of Porcelain, located in Valencia, Spain, are so exclusive that they are made in very limited number and sometimes they are unique creations.

Creating Lladró figurines. The process of creation is very demanding and rigorous. The initial steps depend of the artists that design the pieces. Later the figurines go through a strict procedure in order to attain the crystalline look of the Lladró figures. Even details like the flowers are handcrafted, petal by petal. Taking care of every aspect of the creation is what makes Lladró pieces so unique.

One of the more delicate aspects of the creation steps is the baking process. Pieces remain over 24 hours in the kiln at very high temperatures. The true colors of the Lladró pieces really appear when the varnish crystallizes and the porcelain vitrifies.

The value of a Lladró High Porcelain Gift. High Porcelain will always be an excellent choice for special birthday, wedding or anniversary gifts. The pleasure of looking at those figurines will never go away. Also, the monetary value of high porcelain will only increase with time. So High Porcelain, other than a beautiful gift, is an investment that will always be very welcomed.

Where to buy Lladró High Porcelain. When buying such delicate gifts, the buyer may want to personally select the piece. There are Lladró authorized retailers in major cities around the world. Also, most of these retailers offer exclusive on line shopping where the figurines are shown in beautifully designed catalogs. The shipment of the gift is done with extreme security measures.

Those that choose a porcelain gift for a loved one in a very special occasion will be present for ever in their heart. Every moment of pleasure spend with the porcelain figure will be a remainder of the love and appreciation of the person that brought the joy of porcelain.


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