Lovely Gifts for Couples

Finding delightful engagement gifts that the couple will cherish doesn’t have to be difficult. You do need to put some thought into it though. Think about what they enjoy, what they can use as a keepsake, and about the decor of their home. Of course that can change with time so try to find something that is neutral and versatile.

Lovely Gifts for Couples

Think about the couple and what would be something they both will love. You aren’t buying an individual gift, but one for them as a unit. If you know one party better than the other, be careful not to get something that depicts their hobbies or interests only.


An item that they can put on display such as on the mantle or a shelf can be one of the best engagement gifts. They will be able to see it all the time around their home. It is a reminder to them of what they have experienced and that thrilling time in their lives. Look for something top quality so it will last well throughout the years of their marriage.


There are some practical engagement gifts you can consider for them too. A cutting board with their names on it can be one of them. They are going to need plenty of picture frames for their wedding photos or even for their engagement pictures to be displayed. You can get them plain or with engraving on them.

Personal Touches

Items that are engraved with a lovely message or their names and their upcoming wedding date can be perfect. People really become attached to these types of engagement gifts because they reflect the changes that are going to take place in their lives in the near future. It is a very exciting time for them and they are happy you can share it with them.

These types of engagement gifts also show that you support the couple and their decision to get married. Even if you don’t come right out and say it, that approval means so much to them. It shows that you feel the marriage is a great idea and it is going to be a long and blissful union for them!

How much to Spend

There is no dollar amount you are required to spend for engagement gifts. In fact, it is a generous gesture that you offered such an item. Most people agree it should be far less in monetary value than what you will offer to the couple as a wedding gift. However, it is up to you to decide. It depends on your budget, your relationship to the couple, and what you wish to give them.

Focus more on the overall sentimental value of such gifts though and not just the dollar amount. An item that touches their hearts is worth far more than something they get that will cost more money. Don’t stress your budget to give them something you really can’t afford. That isn’t what this special time in their lives is all about!

Findingthe perfect gift for someone in your life with a reasonable price tag doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, it should be fun and you should be very excited for the recipient to open it up! We are passionate about offering quality made and handmade items you can feel great about giving. The only downfall is you are going to want plenty of them for yourself too. Check out to see the wonderful selection of items we offer. We add new products regularly so make sure you come back often. We are here to answer any questions you may have and we always ship rapidly.

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