Top 10 Best Bonbonniere Gifts

Bonbonniere gifts needn’t be expensive and can still be totally awesome with our top ten finds on how to impress guests on a budget.

Top 10 Best Bonbonniere Gifts


Little succulent pots are cute, cheap and easy to make. Local markets are a good way to pick these up with a small price tag and garden centres often sell the miniature versions cheaper than their larger relatives. Find some tiny pots and either leave them natural or paint in the favourite colours of the bride and groom. You can make a little flag with each guests name and table number from a piece of paper and toothpick and stick it in the pot too.


Have enough macaroons made so that each guest can have three or four. You can get them made in fashionable pastel colours or the bride and grooms colours for the day. The macaroons can be packaged in a natural box with ribbon. Have the boxes professionally printed with your wedding details or print personalised stickers for each guest.


Find a local honey producer and have some delicious honey poured into individual jars. Enough for a decent serve for each guest. Add a sticker to the outside of the jar with your wedding details. You can add sweet slogans like ‘I found my honey’ or ‘Bee our honey and celebrate our special wedding day’. Add a ribbon to the outside of the jar and slip a wooden honey dipper down the side for an extra special touch.


Magic beans can be laser-inscribed with messages of love like happiness, joy and forever. When planted the seeds grow, revealing their message and developing into small plants that can then be planted in the garden. They come in a small tin that can also be printed.


Natural bath salts can either be handmade by buying the ingredients in bulk from a health and beauty store or you can approach a local business about having some made. These can be packaged in a jar or plastic bag with ribbon.


Buy some colour themed candy and fill jars. You can fill these in layers for a stunning visual effect. Try five or six heart-shaped lollipops wrapped together with a bow. Another fun idea is to find sweets in the shape of moustaches or lips so that people can have fun taking photos – a good way to record the events of your wedding day.


Candles are a classic gift and there are always plenty of options either online or in a local store. You can either approach the maker and ask if they offer bonbonniere options or just buy candles in bulk and place your own sticker over the jar.


A mini bottle of sparkling wine or Champagne won’t set you back too much and is simple gift that your guests will love. Add a ribbon around the neck of the bottle with a tag attached and your guests name.


The soundtrack to your love can have songs added from when you first met, songs that mean something to you both from throughout your engagement and finally your wedding songs. They can all be played throughout the evening and accompanied by a printed list of each song and what they mean to you. The soundtrack can be packaged either on a disc with a sleeve you created or a USB stick. The latter can also be personalised with your wedding details by a professional printer.


If you’re having both a big party and a wedding you might like to add a thoughtful touch to your bonbonniere gift and give your guests a hangover cure. These little gifts can be packaged in a small tin or box and would consist of items like a bottle of water, mints and headache tablets. If you want to have a bit of fun with it you could make up a Bloody Mary gift with miniature Vodka, tomato juice, Tabasco Sauce and pepper.

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