Mother’s Day Gifts That’ll Surprise Mum

Mother’s Day Surprises

It may not give you an excuse when you consume alcohol, wear goofy dress or eat chocolate but it does have to with your mum. That’s right, Mother’s Day is around the corner. This is the day when you can put away dinner table conversations and show her some appreciation.

Our selection of Mother’s Day surprises and gifts will just do that.

Mother's Day Gifts That'll Surprise Mum

1 – DIY

There is nothing other than a gift you have invested time and effort into that triggers motherly love. Create a photo album of old memories. She may not like all the photos (particularly, the one with her bathrobe out) but she will appreciate the gesture. Any pictures she has not seen for a long time or at all are particularly good for this project. On the other hand, taking pictures out of picture frames out of her dresser will not be quite as effective. You can take a scrap book approach to create a photo album by including quotes, short amusing incidents about her, ticket stubs, etc.

2 – Spa Treatment

Literally, no living mum or woman will respond to a spa treatment offer with “Ugh. Another massage?” Think about what form of spa treatment your mother would most like; it could be an appointment at the hair salon, a massage or a day pass at a fancy gym. Avoid to suggest that she should get a facial, as it may remind her that she is getting on in age

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3 – Buy her a gift

Kitchen accessory would be probably not a good option for gifting to her on mother’s day as any such item would be lacking strong emotions and therefore uninteresting to gift. Clothing is a good idea but make sure you get the right size for her. Jewellery would be another good option to gift but consider her taste and your pocketbook before making such an expensive purchase.

4 – Make her dinner

Prepare one of her favourite meals and make sure that kitchen is clean when you are done. Set the table and let her relax and enjoy her meal while you serve her. If you end up burning something she will forgive you. It will serve as a reminder of how much you really appreciate her.

5 – Take her out for dinner or lunch

Today’s the time to take mum out to a smart restaurant. Pick somewhere you know she will like, and that she will have to dress up for. Get tickets to one of the good movies that you may not be particularly fond of and smile your way through it with her post meal.

6 – Book a Traditional Indian Sunday Roast

Find out where she would most like to go and do some real planning – getting the whole family together takes work but will be definitely meaningful.

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