The Perfect Welcome Gift for Your Guests

Personalize your “Welcome Baskets” to get the best bang for your buck! If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests so they’ll come back year after year, then, show them you care! Step one: Know your guests! This is so important.

During the interviewing process, ask lots of questions; find out if they have ever been to the area, what type of activities they are interested in doing while on vacation, are they bringing children along and if so, how many and what are their ages? With this information, you can make the perfect selections for each of them.

The Perfect Welcome Gift for Your Guests

Sample Welcome Baskets:

1. Family week: Coffee cups with your logo on it (free advertisement), muffins, cookies, and assorted teas. Add coupons to local stores, restaurants, theater, marina, golf course or any other local establishment that offers family activities. Knowing their children’s ages, will help you make a bigger impression when you leave age-appropriate games for them. Cards, dominos, and dice are good choices for most ages.

2. Romantic weekend: Two champagne glasses, a bottle of champagne, massage oils, tea light candles, chocolate covered strawberries, and truffles. To set the mood, add satin rose petals for super effect.

3. Girls weekend: A basket filled with lotions, herbal teas, eye masks, scrub bars, lavender scent candles, and of course – any kind of dark chocolate. Add a deck of tarot cards or a Ouija board and they will love you for it!

4. Golf weekend: Leave special offers from local golf course. Caddy snacks, cheese and crackers, almonds, chocolate cookies and golf tees. Or, add Koozes with your logo on it, water bottles, golf towels, golfer’s coffee mug and golf balls. All of which will be much appreciated by any golfer.

5. Special Occasions: Whether it’s a birthday celebration, an anniversary, mother’s day or father’s day, a bachelorette or bachelor’s weekend, there’s a unique basket ready to be filled! Here are some suggestions on how to fill the perfect basket: cheese and wine, a chocolate “everything” basket, snacks of all kinds, gourmet food, spa-filled luxury items to pamper oneself, flowers & champagne, muffins galore, assorted cookies, baked goods, organic foods, individual or assorted fruits, assorted breads and rolls, assorted nuts and crackers, assorted deli meats with olives and gourmet cheeses, dried fruit and nuts, and assorted herbal teas and cookies.

Final notes:

1) Ask your local restaurants if they are willing to offer specials for referrals.

2) Find out if there are any local events coming up. Ask your neighbors or go online and Google what’s happening in the area. If so, leave brochures in baskets.

3) Leave a small “purse-size” photo album with your website for your guests. Free advertisement for Your Vacation Rental!

Marie R. Ferguson, is the author of “Breaking all the Rules: How to Rent Your Vacation Home”. And, her companion book, “Vacation Rental Planner and 2017 Tax Organizer.” Marie is an expert landlord of vacation rentals with over thirty years of experience in the financial and real estate industry. Marie is always available to answer questions. Her books can also be found on

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