Factors To Remember While Gifting A Watch To Your Girl

Gift shopping gets challenging and daunting, especially when it is for your girl. Wrist watches are often the most preferred gift, but involves some serious contemplation on the color, shape, size and other factors. You know she deserves nothing but the best for the oodles of love she tends you to.

Factors To Remember While Gifting A Watch To Your Girl

Surprise her with the best watch that she would be proudly flaunting to the world. Here’s narrowing down of a few of the prime factors that you ought to consider before getting her the watch.

Associate the style of the watch with the setting

Before you head on to buy a watch for her, try contemplating her lifestyle. Does she remain outdoors for the maximum hours of the day? Then try gifting her a watch that is powered by a rubber band, timer, stopwatch, a digital interface, etc. If she remains indoors, and is not amongst those who trip and hop around the city, then you might as well gift her something fashionable with bracelet bands and studded gems or stones. Or you might even gift her casual watch with a large interface, in case she chooses subtlety over anything.

Try matching the watch color with her skin tone

Skin tone plays a vital role when determining a watch color alike dress. Try choosing light colors, if she is fair-complexioned and go for vibrant colors if she is shallow complexioned. White, peach, off-white, cream, and other light pastel colors come alive when worn by the light-complexioned girls, while bright colors like red and indigo suit the dark-complexioned ones.

Go for the perfect watch proportion

The right proportionality determines the beauty of the watch on your girl’s wrist. Large interface and broad bands are basically appropriate for taller women. As for petite women, go for smaller interfaced watches teamed with thin bands.

Opt for versatility

Versatility is something we all wish upon in dresses and watches alike. Watches powered with interchangeable bands are creating a rage amidst those who love myriad choices. Most women tend to possess watch-cases that are suited with any kinds of bands whatsoever. The magic seems to lie on the band. The leather band brings out a formal look whereas the same look gets classy with a metal band. Don’t fret about the interface, just go ahead and buy a lot of bands for one single watch-case and let her do the rest.

Explore the brands

Watches are sold by a multifarious brand and companies. Some are high-priced while some are moderate on pricing. Few brands specify luxury and designer girls watches whereas some master on sport and high functionality watches for ladies. Consider your usage requirement before choosing brands and watch companies.

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