Let the Gift Talk to Them Directly

The term with which we describe those gifts that we choose with special care, the gifts with the recipients’ names engraved or embossed on them, is known as personalised gifts. Very few people, if any at all, do not like the idea of receiving one or more of these. They can take on almost any form and may vary in the expense the giver is willing to go to. Some may be as small as a key ring or tooth brush with one’s name on it; others may be very expensive items such as pieces of jewelry with recipients’ names engraved on them.

Let the Gift Talk to Them Directly

Personalised gifts are often popular in the home environment where they are seen every day and most of the time will remind the recipients of the giver and their relationship to them. If the parent that gave you a beautiful sleeping gown with your name embossed on it lives miles away, and you share a close bond, then of course that gift is so much more special. It means you always have that giver near you, so to speak.

These gifts are normally chosen with great care and will tell the recipient that he or she is indeed special to the giver. Only someone who wants to let a friend, husband, wife, child or other important person know that they care about them, will go out of their way and get a personalised gift. The alternative is easy: Find anything at the local store. Or, if you want to show care, get something with a personal touch. When one goes to the trouble of looking for something that special, it sends a lovely message.

Although clothes do not often carry visible personalisation, it is not uncommon to see a men’s jacket, for instance, with a tiny name or initial on the outside somewhere, but mostly hidden in an inner lining. The same goes for cuff links, or a watch, or tie pin. Women too, can be spoilt like this, although in their case the personalisation is often smaller and more subtle. A ring, a brooch or string of pearls may have the tiniest inscription somewhere to indicate the owner’s name or initial.

There are many beautiful ideas for personalised gifts for kitchens. They can be anything from a small, cheap item such as a little cloth to a set of expensive glasses or a set of crockery and cutlery with a name in gold, or silver, for instance on them. Sometimes only the box they arrive in is personalised; at other times every individual piece carries the name or initials of the one who receives these gifts. It is not uncommon to see mugs, placemats, cheese boards, serving boards or chopping boards with someone’s name carved out or engraved on them.

Very often leather briefcases and pens, for instance, come with lovely personalised engraving. Often older, maybe more traditional, business people still use a letter opener. They are the ideal recipient of personalised gifts too. Once again, it tells the recipient how the giver feels about him or her.

Sports lovers too enjoy carrying a gym bag, golf bag or tennis racket with their name on those items – either their name or initial. And here we are not referring to professional athletes only. It could be a lovely gift for anybody one cares about. It can be anything almost. Think of clothing too. A T-shirt with someone’s name, or a wrist band carrying initials is a possibility too when it comes to personalised gifts.

There are so many choices. The fact remains that going to that little bit of trouble, someone’s day or year may be made special.

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