Client Retention and Corporate Gifts

There are many strategies that can be used for client retention. Personal gifting is one of them. One way to help retain your clients is through thoughtful gifts. It shows that you care and appreciate their business.

Make the gift personal. Learn something about the customer. What is their favorite color, do they have a hobby, do they own a pet, do they have children, what is their favorite food. Listen to them and if you give them a gift based on their interests it will be so much more meaningful and impressive.

Client Retention and Corporate Gifts

Don’t just give a Christmas gift, create a gift for other special occasions such as anniversary, birthdays, new baby, congratulations, just because, Halloween, new puppy, referrals, thank you for being a loyal customer and so on. Touch them with a gift or handwritten card several times a year.

Some gift ideas can be local food products, specialty dog bones or toy (if they have a dog) hobby related gifts, happy birthday cupcakes or chocolate bars, just make sure it’s something they like and not something you like as the buyer.

When you give a gift use creative packaging for a more impressive presentation. If you are giving pasta gift item, instead of putting it in a bag, put it in a colander along with some pasta sauce, olive oil, a nice wooden tasting spoon and some kind of dessert all inside the colander. Tie it off with a nice big bow. If you want to give a child gift during the summer buy a toy such as a bucket and put your fun summer items in the bucket. If it is a wine gift, put the wine in a wine bucket along with a red and white wine, wine charms, wine glasses, some chocolate, or cheese and crackers. For a dog gift put the dog treats and toys in a dog bed or a cute bag or box with special dog bone wrapping paper or bag.

You can Google corporate gifts for ideas or go to Pinterest if you are a do-it your self kind of person.

Gifts don’t have to be costly, if you can’t afford buying a gift make some cup cakes, write a thoughtful hand written note. it needs to be thoughtful and different to impress. Are there any gifts that you were impressed by. How was it different. It is those gifts you will always remember and appreciate.

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