Why Funny Coffee Mugs Make the Best Gifts For Coworkers

There are many times at work when it seems appropriate to give gifts for coworkers. It is often a problem however to decide what to give. Funny coffee mugs make great gifts ideas for a few reasons.

Firstly, most people in an office environment drink coffee. It helps people wake up in the morning and helps keep them alert all day. Although many of your coworkers may buy their first morning coffee from a popular coffee shop, during the rest of the day they are usually relegated to drinking office brewed coffee.

Why Funny Coffee Mugs Make the Best Gifts For Coworkers

That is when it is handy to have their own personal coffee cup. Having unique coffee mugs geared to their own interests helps identify the cup as being strictly theirs so that they don’t have to share a mug with someone else.

Times when it is appropriate to buy a gift for a coworker may be as a birthday present, a retirement gift or even at Christmas when Secret Santa gifts are often given. All of these gifts do not have to be expensive. In fact, more often than not Secret Santa gifts have a spending limit on them. Coffee mugs are a good fit for these type of gifts as they are quite reasonably priced.

When giving a gift, it is always nice that the receiver’s interests are acknowledged in some way. Giving unique coffee mugs is a way to do just that. There are many, many coffee mugs out there for all hobbies and interests, everything from dog lovers mugs that may simply say “Dog Mom” to zombie lovers mugs that say “Party like there’s no tomorrow (the zombie apocalypse is coming)”. Or perhaps the recipient is into knitting or camping or horse racing. There are unique coffee cups to suit all occasions. You could even get one to suit a particular job – such as one that says “Sexiest Nurse Ever” or even “Best Boss Ever” (no reason not to brown-nose a little!).

Funny coffee cups serve another purpose as well. It is always nice to have a laugh and relieve some tension at work. Having a funny coffee mug can lighten everyone’s mood and the whole office can share in some fun. You may want a mug that says “Sorry I’m late, I’ll leave early to make up for it!” or possibly “I am the Working Dead” or simply “Wake me when this day is over.”

Giving unique coffee mugs with funny sayings will also remind the recipient every day of the thoughtful person who gave them such a nice gift. You will be praised initially for your present while sharing a laugh with everyone else, but it will also be a reminder to everyone of your great taste and gift-giving heart.

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