The Search for an Exceptional Anniversary Gift Ends Here

Every year you think of gifting your spouse something special for your marriage anniversary but fail to think of new ideas! Can someone really discover new gift ideas every year? Well, yes. Here’s the magic of personalized gifting. All of us cherish the moments we spend together, converting those into beautiful gifts is how you can actually surprise your spouse with a new gift every year.

The Search for an Exceptional Anniversary Gift Ends Here

The memories that you create and save in your camera/mobile in the form of photographs can be used to customize unique gifts. Apart from the common gifts like keychain, photo frame, calendar, mug, greeting card, a variety of new and innovative gifts can be customized. Photographs of your first date, engagement, wedding, first anniversary, birthday party, trips, there are so many special memories you create in your life. It is time to cherish those with personalized gifts.

Personalized Wall Concept

Your home is where you spend the most of your time with your spouse. How about adding an amazing touch to one of the walls of your living/bed room in a way that reminds both of you of the beautiful moments spent together? That’s exactly the idea behind Personalized Wall Concept. Start selecting the pictures you wish to put in. They could be your wedding pictures or a picture with each of your family member. Since selfies are a trend these days, you could even select a few of your best selfies with your spouse for the Personalized Wall Concept.


Caricature is a form of drawing interesting sketches wherein striking characteristics of the couple are exaggerated in order to create a comic or cartoonish representation of the photograph.

All of us love some form of art. If your spouse is a designer/photographer/artist, he/she will love a gift that is creative and personalized as well. You can choose a fun picture of both of you and get it converted into a caricature. Later you can frame it. Great idea, isn’t it?

Photo Book

We’re sure you have many pictures in your mobile from your vacations. Travelling with your spouse is an awesome experience and that experience can be converted into an amazing anniversary gift through a Photo Book. It is like a collection of your fondest memories with your spouse.

To personalize it even further, you can add captions to each photograph in the Photo Book and make it special. It will be like reliving the vacation time through the pictures. The Photo Books are available in difference sizes, so you can choose the one depending on the kind of pictures you have.

Mobile Cover

One technology device that we always carry is our mobile. Gifting your spouse a personalized mobile cover makes a unique anniversary gift. Choose the best picture of the two of you and get it customized on a cover for his/her mobile. The photograph you choose can be edited to suit the cover and these covers are available for all mobile models, so you need not worry whether you will be able to customize it for your spouse’s mobile. To add quirkiness, you can even add a love quote to it.

Love Lamp

Yes, a lamp that lights your love. Gift your spouse a personalized lamp on your anniversary. These are pretty additions to your room. You can select few pictures and customize it the way you like. It will not only be a good surprise for your spouse but a gift worth cherishing for a long time. These lamps are available in different sizes and designs, so you can choose the one you like, the one that will go with your room’s interior and won’t occupy much space.

To surprise your spouse, you really need to think beyond the usual gifts, flowers and cake. And because unusual gifts like a diamond ring or an exotic vacation can cost you a lot, this list will help you pick a unique gift that is pocket-friendly. The good thing about these gifts is that your spouse will always cherish it as it has a special memory attached to it. Hence, both the photographic memory in the personalized gift and the memory of this special anniversary gift will be etched in his/her heart, forever.

Anniversaries are special, make them more so with these personalized gift ideas.

Kaushal Shukla is CEO of PhotoPages, an Online Gift Shop. PhotoPages is a unique one stop shop for creatively designed personalized gifts for all occasions. We help you create the perfect personalized gift with your favorite photographs in the most creative ways possible. You can visit to get more details on gifting ideas.

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