Easy Gift Ideas

Why make gift-giving hard, when it is truly so darn easy! It feels good to give gifts, and people love getting them too! But the issue is, sometimes it can just be so rough deciding on what to give, and what not to give.

Easy Gift Ideas


Gifts for kids are easy and inexpensive. Even if you’re not up to date on what is cool in the kid’s department, you can always visit your local kid toy store and simply ask for help on what’s popular. There is certainly going to be someone there who will be able to help you select the perfect gift for the sex and age of the kid.

Co Workers

Getting gifts for co-workers should be easy too. You are always around them, so you will have an idea of what type of things they fancy.

Are they coffee drinkers? A coffee mug, or a small coffee maker might do the trick! Are they drivers? A gas card might be it! Do they always roam the office with a sweater on? Then, you found the gold nugget!


What do you get your lover? But, only you would even know! A nice foot massager might be the perfect way to say I love you! A sweater could do it, but a card with a few bills in it might make your lover truly blush! If you know their clothing size, a nice outfit can work wonders! A nice perfume scent for her, or a fly looking cap for him. A nice handbag or pocketbook could make her jump and do the wiggle, but a power-drill or a super cool watch might make him do the waggle! Together, you can wiggle and waggle!


Face it! We wouldn’t be here without her! A wonderful picture frame can capture greatness for her. But, you will know her ways, so you can get something that might really touch her fancy even better.


Daddy will love anything that you get him, because well… He’s daddy! One cool idea for dad is a pair of kicks! Just make sure you got his style and size down before you shop!

The Boss

This might be tricky. Especially if they make way more money than you!

You get the boss something that is monumental in nature. A nice wall plaque might do all the magic.

It’s important to note that certain gifts shouldn’t be giving, because they might cross that unspoken line. Personal gifts, like panties, bras, and such should probably be reserved for your closest friends. Gifts of money and cash are great for teenagers, but not so for small children.

Don’t forget about specialty gifts. If they’re blind, why not get them an extra cane? If they use hearing aids, why not get them some batteries? If they use a walker, why not get them a nice pouch to hang on the side? If they have trouble with their hands, why not give them something with an ergonomic adaptive design? Are they super short? Why not get a cool looking stool to stand on!

Really, it’s the thought that truly counts! Gift giving is fun and will never go out of style!

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