Guide on the Twelve Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

With the first year passed by smoothly, you want to buy something for your boyfriend to show him how much he means to you. The first year anniversary gift for a boyfriend is usually cheap and practical for daily use. At this stage, you probably haven’t yet earn enough money to buy expensive gift. However, a gift for your boyfriend don’t have to be expensive. As long as you give him a gift, he will be happy knowing that you remember the anniversary. The following are the 12 best anniversary gifts for your boyfriend.

Guide on the Twelve Best Anniversary Gifts for Your Boyfriend

1. Shaving Kit

If your boyfriend has some facial hair, you can buy him a shaving kit gift set. The shaking kit comes with every tool that is needed for performing a proper shaving procedure including pre-shave oil, shaving soap, after shave lotion, hair brush, and shaving knife. Alternatively, you can sign up your boyfriend for the Dollar Shave Club. In the Dollar Shave Club, you choose a shaving gift set and set the length of time, for example, 1 year, when your boyfriend will continue to receive fresh boxes of razors.

2. Take a Trip to Somewhere

You can book a ticket to a destination where you and your boyfriend can spend some time together. It doesn’t have to be an expensive vacation where you stay in luxury hotel and dine in at expensive restaurant. It can be somewhere simple nearby where both of you have been talking about visiting for a long time. The first time spending a holiday out-of-town with your boyfriend will surely be an unforgettable experience.

3. His and Hers Bracelet

His and hers bracelet is a cute way to tell your boyfriend that you love him. You can wear the hers bracelet and your boyfriend will wear the his bracelet on the anniversary date. The bracelet features a heart charm that can be opened with a key. Different key is required to open the heart charm lock on the his and hers lock charms. This type of bracelet is handmade and adjustable to fit the wearer’s hand easily. The his and hers bracelet is available in different colors like black, red, white, pink and blue.

4. Paper Rose Bouquet

Paper roses bouquet is a creative way to say I love you to your boyfriend of one year. Paper roses are usually made from mulberry craft paper. The flower is steadily supported by green wire stem. Paper rose is an economical option for you if you cannot afford to buy the real roses. Each flower is about 1/2″ across and you can separate each flower. The bud can be popped out and use as decoration. Purchasing the paper rose bouquet is a good option if you don’t know how to make paper rose or is running out of time to make the paper roses.

5. Wireless Bluetooth Headband

You can buy your boyfriend a wireless bluetooth headband if he listens to music while performing outdoor sports. The wireless bluetooth headband can be synced to a smartphone to play songs while on the go. It comes in one size and fits nicely on most head sizes. There is a few buttons for you to control the music playback. The bluetooth device is removable when you want to wash the headband. Bluetooth headband wears more comfortably than earphone. Earphone tends to drop when you are running but the headband will stay intact on your head.

6. Take a Lesson with Your Boyfriend

You can take a lesson with your boyfriend on something that you both enjoy doing. For example, both of you can take ballroom dancing lesson together. It will produce a lot of laughs, and happy moments which you will not forget for years to come. Taking lessons together allows both of you to learn about relationship team work. A successful relationship requires both party to be agreeable and able to do things together without any argument.

7. Dine Out or Cook a Meal for Your Boyfriend

Almost every couple will celebrate their first year anniversary with a dine out experience. Knowing your boyfriend for 1 year, you must have already known what is his favorite food. If you know a restaurant that offer the favorite food on the menu, you can bring him there. If you can’t afford to dine at a restaurant, you can cook his favorite meal and invite him to your home for a candlelight dinner.

8. Write a Love Poem

Giving your boyfriend a love poem that you have written can be the most wonderful surprise gift for him. You don’t have to compose a poem like a professional. All you need to do is to express your feelings in the best way you can. When he read it, he will feel that it is special because you write the poem just for him. You can write down the poem on a scroll made of good quality paper and seal it in a nice envelop. A handwritten poem will be the most wonderful gift that you have treasured for years to come.

9. Love Notes

You can write a few love notes and then stick them in places that he will see. Places where you can stick the love notes are on the door of his bedroom, on the fridge, under his mug, on his steering wheel and etc. It will put a smile on his face every time he sees your love note. In the years to come, he can take out the love notes and read them over again. He will surely laugh as he read the notes and think of you. Giving your boyfriend small love notes is a great idea if you don’t have money to spend on buying gifts for him.

10. Watch a Sport Game

Most men love to watch sport games so you should plan on an outing to a sporting event with your boyfriend. It is not necessary to buy tickets to games from NBA or NFL. You and him will be able to have great time together by simply watching a sporting event at a local stadium such as local baseball team, and college basketball. Some small stadium will be glad to put your anniversary date on the signboard at the entrance or make announcement on the speaker if you contact them. You can also make arrangement to meet a few of the players at the stadium.

11. Buy a Watch

If your boyfriend’s watch is worn, you can buy a new watch for him. Giving watch as a gift shows that you respect his ambition and love towards you. Nowadays, there are lots of stylish watches for sale at affordable price. You don’t have to buy one that has a lot of functions. You just need to buy a simple watch that he can use to see time. Giving watch to your boyfriend also sends out the message that you will always be by his side.

12. Charter a Private Yacht

If you can afford it, you can charter a yacht for one night where you and your boyfriend can have dinner together. The yacht is driven by a captain. On the boat, there are also butlers and a chef that prepare the dinner. After the dinner, both of you can watch the scenery of the ocean while leaning against the rail on the deck. The price for the charter yacht varies depending on the size and facilities of the yacht. It is advised that you book the yacht well ahead of the anniversary date.

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