Why You Should Create Your Kid’s Next Gift, Not Buy It

This is just the way most people are programmed to think in a commercial-centric world. Be it your child’s birthday or Christmas or Hanukkah, if it’s time to give a gift, it is naturally time to BUY a gift. But homemade gifts will never go out of style – and there are several very good reasons to keep them in style.

Why You Should Create Your Kid's Next Gift, Not Buy It

• Handmade gifts mean more – especially to children, who place a great deal of emphasis on making things.

• They last longer for two reasons: (A) you can ensure they are built to last, and (B) they tend to be taken better care of as they have sentimental value.

• They are very cost efficient, especially if it’s a larger item like a sandbox or playset.

• The customization is limitless.

• Each gift is a unique, one-of-a-kind item that nobody else will have.

If the idea of creating a special gift for your children appeals to you, below are some great options on what you might choose to make.

DIY Wood Toys Plans That Your Children Will Love: Chalkboard Laptop & Sandbox

These two projects are highlighted because they are a favorite for children. The first project featured here is a chalkboard laptop. The project resembles a laptop, but instead of being able to surf the web, kids will be presented with a place to draw.

Why is this so great? Children learn by watching their parents, and chances are very high that you or your spouse use their laptop for work. With their own “laptop”, your kids can copy your actions and pretend to work – but in a creative, safe way.

The second project is a sandbox. A childhood classic, there are many variations on how to build a sandbox. This specific model features a lid which transforms into benches, giving your children a little spot to sit all on their own – or a place for the parents to stay close while the kids play.

Other Project Ideas

If neither the chalkboard laptop or sandbox piques your interest, don’t worry. There are plenty of other projects you could endeavor upon for your child’s next birthday or holiday present. In fact, the options are virtually limitless if you have a little imagination. Here are just a few ideas:

• Playhouse

• Jewelry Box

• Swing Set/Playground Equipment

• Bookshelf

• Reading Chair

• Kid-Sized Table and Chair Set

• Play Kitchen

• Child-Sized Desk

• Treehouse

• Toybox or Chest

• Keepsake Box

• Dress-Up Closet for little girls

There are many reasons you should create your child’s next gift versus running to the store. In addition to better durability and customization, these gifts will hold a lot of sentimental value for your children – and maybe even give them something to pass down to their kids one day.

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