Share Memorable New Year Gifts With Your Friends

New Year is regarded as one of the top acclaimed celebrations in the world since it marks the final day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar i.e. December 31st. Pope Gregory XIII who was the pope of the Catholic church coined the Gregorian calendar in the year 1582. During the ancient times, there was a common belief among the people that New Year marks the time for a re-birth.

Share Memorable New Year Gifts With Your Friends

The concept of New Year originated thousands of years ago in Ancient Babylon. They followed the positions of the sun and moon to mark the first day of the year. Later on, Julius Caesar introduced the Julian calendar and declared January 1st as the first day to celebrate New Year.

As the New Year begins to shape up, people began to recall their past activities or events which had occurred in their lives during the past twelve months. Most of the people arrive at a decision to take up New Year resolutions to improve their quality of life at this juncture. Some of the common resolutions taken by the people include regulating diet and vigorous exercise.

There are certain groups of people who observe New Year eve by taking part in mid-night activities at the Church. While others visit masquerade balls or malls dressed in flashy and impressive costumes to unwind and relax. Some people may be indulged in small parties or gatherings at a swanky restaurant. A New Year celebration is accompanied by bonfires and fireworks.

During the course of the event, there are people who are confined to four corners of the house and tune into watching various premier shows which is being telecast on television. As soon as the clock struck twelve in the mid-night, people began to celebrate the event by mutually exchanging hugs, kisses and wishing a “Happy New Year”.

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New Year gifts may range from simple to expensive ones. It could be either bunch of flowers, box of candy sweets, luxury items or even pack of chocolates. But choosing and presenting the gifts should be rich at heart.

Floral items: –

Flowers are indeed one of the top gift items to be presented to your loved ones since it bears a sense of personal touch, emotions and feelings. It is ideal to purchase flowers and present your gift by imprinting a message on them wishing ‘ A Very Happy New Year’.

Listed below are some of the fresh and top quality New Year gifts available online –

  1. White Gerbera Bouquet
  2. White Lily Bouquet
  3. Yellow roses Bouquet in crepe
  4. Yellow Gerbera Bouquet
  5. White Gerbera Basket
  6. Red Carnation Basket
  7. Chocolate truffle cake
  8. Vanilla cake
  9. Blue Berry Cake
  10. Chocolate photo cake

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