Christian Gifts for Christian Living

Christian Gifts for Christian Living

Often, we believe that spending money on a gift for a person will show that person how much you care about them. However, there are many gifts that cannot be purchased with money – unique gifts that in God’s eyes are probably more precious. Whether it is for Christmas or some other special occasion, try giving gifts that money cannot buy.


Love is a gift that is beautiful and can be shared with everyone. This is a unique Christian gift that you can give for Christian living – rededicating your love for your family through Christ.


Give the gift of compassion to someone who just needs another person to listen to them. It might be your neighbor downstairs or someone from your church who is going through troubled waters. Be compassionate to this person without expecting anything in return – the true Christian way.


Another unique gift you can give someone is the gift of peace. Do something for a friend that will make their day or week a little chaos free. You can offer to cook for them if they are sick, or pick up their kids from school. Anything that brings some peace into their life is a great gift for anyone who is going through a hard time.


Give the gift of forgiveness. Is there someone in your life who you are holding a grudge against, because they have hurt you? Forgive them – they probably have no idea that you were even hurt. Give them the gift of your forgiveness by sitting down with them and talking about whatever has come between the two of you – real or imagined.

Donation to Help Others

Make a donation to Oxfam or other similar agency in a person’s name. The organization will sent them a card to tell them about the gift you have given. This gift is unique and is perfect for any occasion.


A unique Christmas gift for a special friend is to make an audio tape of Christmas hymns from the radio and give them, so that you and your friend can share the special sounds of the season together.

Gift of Prayer

Give your family an IOU for a gift, just to show you love them. Tell them it is a prayer that you will make for them every month for a year, or every day for a month. This is going to be a really unique gift that will let them know how special they are to you.

Call Someone

Make a phone call to someone who used to have a large role in your life, but because of circumstances, the two of you might have gone apart. Call to tell that person that you are still thinking about them.

The Gift of Time

Give a gift of your time to a stranger, for example, by volunteering your time at a hospital or a nursing home. There are people staying there who have been forgotten by their family and would love for someone to give them just a gift of some minutes.

These are all gifts that money cannot buy, but in the eyes of Christ, they mean more than expensive gifts of gold or silver. In addition, they will make you feel good as well. These are Christian gifts of true Christian living.

The next time you need to give a gift to someone – try not to buy a gift – try to make a gift such as a keepsake box. Sometime the most precious gifts are those unique ones that involve giving our time.

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