Great Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

Great Gift Ideas For Every Occasion

Tech Gifts

Tech gifts like tablets, e-readers, cell phones, GPS devices, digital cameras and other tech toys always make a special gift for that tech-junkie in your life, whether it’s a teenage or college-age kid, that special uncle or your significant other. While you should maybe avoid buying technology related gifts for sentimental holidays like Valentine’s Day, they make great gifts for birthdays and winter holidays, especially if you include a thoughtful card along with your gift. If you can’t think of any perfect tech gift ideas, consider giving them a gift certificate to a store where you know they like to shop.


Books make a special gift for almost anybody in your life. If you know what the person you’re buying for is interested in, buying them a book can really show the recipient that you know and appreciate them. If you’re buying books for somebody that you don’t know too well like a distant relative, ask your other family members what their general interests are. Antique or special edition books also make excellent gifts for book enthusiast, especially if you can find a copy of a book by one of their favorite authors.


Whether you’re buying vintage vinyl records for a die-hard collector, compact discs for a casual music fan or mp3’s for your kids, music is one of the best gift ideas for any occasion. It helps if you know what kind of music the person you’re buying for likes, but giving music also allows you to be creative. Instead of buying an album by an artist you know the recipient already knows, give them something that you think they haven’t heard yet that’s in a similar style. Music gift cards, like ones to the iTunes store, also make great gifts for people you don’t know very well, including coworkers. Music gift cards can be purchased for small amounts so you won’t break the bank over the holiday season.


Jewelry is one of the best personal gifts you can give someone, and it is a great gift for both women and men. While women certainly enjoy receiving jewelry, many men appreciate fine watches and other types of jewelry as well. If you know the recipients birthstone, a piece of jewelry that prominently displays it makes an excellent birthday gift. If not, just go for something that seems like it fits their sense of style.


Food may not seem like an appropriate gift to a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a friend or loved one out for a special dinner or send a gift basket full of specialty foods. Food-related gift packages are available from a wide variety of different websites, and markets in your area probably make and sell special gift baskets at certain times of the year. If you know foods that the person likes, you can customize the gift to their personal tastes. If you’re not sure, buy something more generic that contains a multitude of different items. This way you’re sure that there are at least a few things in the basket they’ll love. Food-related gift baskets also make great corporate gifts and gifts for business associates or clients.

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