14 Top Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

14 Top Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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Whether you love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and with that comes getting creative with gift ideas for your loved one. Whether you’re more of a traditionalist and prefer to give flowers and candy, or are looking for an alternative unique way to show your lover you care, we have a list of the 14 top Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2012.

Gift Idea #1: Flowers

Ah, flowers. What woman doesn’t love to be surprised with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers? Although this might be the most traditional and classic of all Valentine’s Day gifts, it certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Hint: Flowers are the perfect add-on to almost any gift and are an awesome way to take your gift giving efforts the extra mile and score some points. And if you’re really looking to make her feel special, surprise her a few days before Valentine’s Day by having the bouquet delivered to her work place. We recommend avoiding cliche bouquets like a dozen red roses or floral arrangements with stuffed animals attached to them (unless you know she loves this). An exotic bouquet of orchids makes a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift and is a unique change from more traditional floral arrangements. A colorful mixed bouquet full of popular flowers such as pink or purple roses, lilies, and hydrangeas is another beautiful way to show her you care this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Idea #2: Sweets

Along with flowers, sweets such as chocolate and candy are also considered classic Valentine’s Day gifts, but again this definitely doesn’t have to be a cliche gift. An awesome sweet treat that makes a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift are personalized M&M’s. Have fun on the M&M’s site choosing your colors, messages, or even photos to add to your loved one’s M&M’s. Have the personalized M&M’s delivered in a Romance gift box, or take it up a notch and go for the classic dispenser. If you’d rather give your Valentine something delicious to sink their teeth into, try ordering them half a dozen delicious cupcakes. These trendy little cakes can be decorated to suit your lover’s taste and are as fun to look at as they are to eat!

Gift Idea #3: Couples Massage

A completely romantic and thoughtful gift that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day! The only thing better than receiving a massage at the spa, is being able to share a couples massage with the one you love. WaySpa.com allows anyone, anywhere to search by location for a list of spas in their area. Booking appointments can be done online, or gift certificates can be purchased for more flexibility. If you’re not completely fond of the whole spa thing, this is still a great gift to pamper and indulge your partner in a day of quiet relaxation.

Gift Idea #4: Tickets to a Concert or Event

Experience gifts are becoming more popular than ever. They’re a practical way to spend some quality time together while doing something you know they’ll enjoy. This gift is awesome because it can be completely tailored to your partner’s interests. Whether they’d enjoy tickets to a live band or concert, a theatre production, or tickets to see their favourite sports team play, the possibilities are endless.

Gift Idea #5: Photographs

There’s no easier way to treasure special memories you guys share together than with a digital frame. Make this gift extra romantic and thoughtful by pre-loading your favourite images of each other as an extra special surprise. Or capture new memories instantly and have fun while doing it with the classic Polaroid camera.

Gift Idea #6: Rose Gold Jewelry

This popular blush-hued jewelry has recently become the hottest must-have for women, and makes a beautiful Valentine’s Day gift. From gorgeous rose gold rings (link here) to a stunning rose gold key pendant (link here), choosing jewelry in this ultra feminine color is sure to surprise and delight her this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Idea #7: Kindle Fire eReader

Maybe not the most romantic of all Valentine’s Day gifts, but certainly one of the most practical. The Kindle Fire eReader will not only transform how your partner reads books, but change the way they use digital media such as surfing the web, watching movies and TV shows, not to mention the ability to download apps and games with the touch of a finger.

Gift Idea #8: Sensual Experience

Take advantage of the day of love by indulging your partner with a sexy and sensual experience that you can share together. Products such as Lush’s massage bars, massage candles, and flavoured oil kits can enhance the massage experience and add an extra bit of indulgence. Warm her up before the massage – literally, with a romantic bath filled with rose petals or bubbles. Go all out by dimming the lights, popping some champagne, lighting some candles and even playing some sensual music (just don’t get cheesy, i.e. no Barry White).

Gift Idea #9: Lingerie

Probably the most controversial of all Valentine’s Day gifts; buying lingerie for your lady doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. It’s all about doing your homework and using common sense before you start shopping. The single most important thing with lingerie is the sizing. This is easy to determine simply by rooting through her undie drawer. You’ll need her bra size (i.e.. 34C) and her panty size (typically S, M, L, etc.). It’s also essential to consider her taste and personality when choosing colors, fabrics, and styles. The red lace crotchless thong might be hot in your mind, but will it actually be something she’ll love and be comfortable in? Keep the lingerie she currently wears in mind while you’re shopping, and when in doubt, black works for everyone and is universally sexy. Lingerie quality and price points vary considerably so it’s important to make sure you’re buying her a quality set that will fit well, and be comfortable. If you want to really wow her, luxurious french lingerie from Agent Provocateur is an amazing way to surprise her this Valentine’s Day.

Gift Idea #10: Weekend Getaway

What’s more romantic than curling up next to a fire place in a cozy cabin or bed and breakfast? A weekend getaway is an economical alternative to a vacation and still allows you some time away to enjoy each other’s company in a relaxing setting this Valentine’s Day. Whether you take the time and plan your weekend together, or get creative planning it all on your own to surprise your partner, this is a fantastic way to customize some alone time for the two of you.

Gift Idea #11: Fragrance

For those of you who love the sexy scent of perfumes and colognes on your partner, this makes a wonderful Valentine’s Day gift, and the best part of all is that they’ll be reminded of you whenever they wear it. Our favourite fragrances for women are the best-selling Euphoria from Calvin Klein, known for its romantic, floral scent, as well as Light Blue Perfume by Dolce & Gabbana. If you’d love to give your man a sexy scent this Valentine’s Day then look no further than the best-selling Acqua Di Gio Cologne, by Giorgio Armani or for a fresh crisp fragrance that’s as versatile as it is sexy, try Cool Water Cologne by Davidoff.

Gift Idea #12: Men’s Watches

While the primary function of men’s watches has gradually shifted into more of an accessory than a functional timepiece due to cell phones and mobile devices, most men still love a great watch. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat him to a great new watch that will have him thinking of you whenever he checks the time.

Gift Idea #13: Experience Gifts

Whether you give the gift of an exciting experience such as a helicopter tour or race car driving or choose a more romantic experience such as wine tours or dinner cruises that can be shared between the two of you, Cloud 9 Living has amazing Valentine’s Day options for everyone – from cooking classes, to hot air balloon rides, and dinner cruises, the possibilities are endless.

Gift Idea #14: Tropical Vacation

The ultimate Valentine’s Day gift! Indulge yourself and your partner and take a vacation away to a sunny destination this Valentine’s Day. Beat the March Break rush (and prices!) and escape the chilly winter while enjoying some quality time and creating some awesome new memories with your lover.

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