Business Gift Etiquette: How To Choose Your Business Related Gifts Wisely

 Business Gift Etiquette: How To Choose Your Business Related Gifts Wisely
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Is there a rule of thumb when selecting business gifts? The rules may always be in constant change, but there are certainly a few guidelines you might want to apply. Thoughtfulness, good taste, and quality will always be appropriate and widely accepted, yet many times, these timeless qualities might be overlooked depending on the gift, its recipient, and the particular occasion.

The first objective is for you to examine your relationship with your gift recipient. Is your gift recipient a member of your staff? Your boss or a colleague? Maybe your gift recipient is a client of yours who you would like to impress after a year of good business dealings with a nice holiday gift item.

In either of these cases, you will want to look at how well you know your gift recipient’s tastes and interests before deciding not only on the right gift, but also for deciding if you’re practicing good business gift etiquette. For example, fine food gifts almost always work out extremely well, yet in order to be thorough, you might want to get informed about your gift recipient’s family so that you are sure not to give a food item to which a family member might have an allergy.

For this same reason, it’s also a good idea or rule of thumb to stay away from perfumes, eau-de-Colognes and other scented items like creams and lotions. You might not know that though your gift recipient loves the fresh scent of gardenias every time you see them around gardenias, their child or spouse might be allergic or have asthma. Another good reason to stay away from these items when practicing good business gift etiquette is the fact that they are very personal items. Your colleague may adore antique style shaving utensils, but it might cause a problem if he brings them home from someone else. Leave personal care items to the people closest to your business gift recipient and you can avoid some embarrassing moments.

Another good thing to avoid, when considering possible embarrassing moments is artwork which uses nudity. Even though this is a highly acceptable form of artwork, be it paintings, sculptures or what have you, it can create awkward situations when your business gift recipient brings the item home. Again, these are items best left to your gift recipient’s closest family and friends.

There are always great personalised and custom-made desk supplies which can make really good business gifts not to mention loads of special gift items for your gift recipient’s favorite hobby, if you happen to know that they are avid readers or golf players.

Finding personal gifts for people in your professional lifestyle can be a happy and rewarding journey when keeping in mind a few ideas about good business gift etiquette.

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