Employee Gifts – The Right Way to Motivate A Workforce

Employee Gifts - The Right Way to Motivate A Workforce
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Giving out employee gifts is a great way to boost worker moral and create a more efficient work environment. Companies are always seeking new ways to increase their profits and grow their business. Building a happy and efficient workforce goes a long way to achieving this goal. But there can be many pitfalls to employee gift giving. If done incorrectly you can achieve the opposite of your desired effect. Therefore, time and effort is required when handing out employee gifts. Here are some points to remember to ensure your employee gift giving will translate into a productive and profitable workforce.

Gifts For Everyone: When handing out gifts, do not exclude anyone that works within your company. This extends to the part time workers, temporary workers, cleaning staff and even regularly hired out contractors. If for some reason the company is not giving employee gifts to everyone, be discreet with the whole process. Maybe give them out after working hours or outside of the workplace.

Gifts of Equal Value: It is important to not show favoritism to certain employees. All gifts should be at least equal in value or somewhere close in value to each other. You can give out different types of gifts but there should not be a large distinction between gifts. Basically they should be similar types of gifts. For example, if one gift is of a personal nature, than every gift should be. One extremely important pitfall to remember is don’t purchase gifts differently for men and women. This would be considered very inappropriate.

Fun or Useful Gifts: Do not limited gifts that can only be used or displayed in the office. Employees will appreciate gifts that can be taken home and used or just something that is not work-related. Also, make sure the gifts can be easily returned. It is always possible that gifts can be defective or damage during shipping, especially electronic gifts. So make sure the employee has an option of returning the gift.

Food Gifts: Food gifts are a very popular choice. Just remember everyone has different taste when it comes to food. You have to consider diet restrictions, food allergies, as well as cultural and religious practices. Because of these factors, only smaller companies, with a smaller workforce should consider food as an employee gift. They would have a better knowledge of their workforce.

These are just a few do’s and don’ts to remember when it comes to employee gifts. There are other points to consider. But if you follow the suggestions above, you should be well on your way to creating a successful working environment.

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