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Father's Day Gifts - Unique Gift Ideas

Father’s Day Gifts – Unique Gift Ideas

If you’re lucky, he’s dropped some clues about stuff he wants (like that new laptop bag), but if you need to ask, you probably won’t get a lot out of him. Try to elicit clues about what he’d like to get and you’ll probably get the dreaded “I don’t care”, …

Giving a Gift of Gourmet Coffee

Giving a Gift of Gourmet Coffee

Choosing a gift for a friend or co-worker can be difficult. The gift shouldn’t seem so generic that it appears purchased out of a sense of obligation. This makes finding the right gift difficult. If the person the gift is being sent to drinks coffee then a gourmet coffee gift …

Gift Cards Are the Ideal Present For Anyone

Gift Cards Are the Ideal Present For Anyone

I used to get frustrated trying to find great gifts for my friends and family, and when I needed to buy holiday gifts for my boss or a co-worker, or housewarming gifts, well those were really difficult. Should I look for exotic world gifts, keepsakes, jewelry, home decor? I just …

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Uber Unique Gifts for Everyone on Your List

Let’s face it. No one wants an unexciting, run-of-the-mill “plain Jane” gift. Vouchers, perfume, iPods, cash, handbags, and so on, are seriously the pit of pits. Sure, these kinds of things will be valued at the time, but they’ll quickly be forgotten because – in a word – they’re boring. …

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Unique Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas fast approaching, many corporate businesses are beginning their search for Christmas gifts in the springtime month of September. Amid a range of Christmas gift ideas flooding the market of late, its refreshing to know that some companies providing corporate promotional gifts are lifting the bar in terms of …

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Custom Corporate Gifts to Show Thanks and Recognition

Corporate Gifts differ from standard everyday gifts in the fact that they are more expensive and generally have a different meaning behind them. While there are many custom corporate gifts that are meant purely for building a solid foundation for a good business relationship, there are many others that are …